Action Always Guarantees Success


Having a Daily Method of Operation (DMO), or a Daily Method of Action (DMA), is imperative to succeed in any business.  I prefer the phrase DMA because the term action has more meaning and urgency compared with operation.  Taking positive, progressive action on a daily basis is the only way to guarantee success.  It doesn’t matter what profession you’re in, the day you stop following a DMA is the day your business fails.

What does taking action mean?

take-actionWhat is crucial to your business?  For example, it’s crucial for network marketers to prospect daily to share their business or to follow up with customers.  On the other hand, it’s imperative real estate agents follow up with leads/referrals, as well as past customers, to drive future business.  Expecting success to fall onto your lap without any action, is unrealistic.  You have to hustle and to hold yourself accountable.


Action’s Nemesis

Yep, you guessed it, in-action.  Otherwise known as paralysis by analysis, procrastination, laziness, fear, etc.  Whatever keeps you from moving forward to take action is whats hindering your success.  Anything in it’s natural state is bound to succumb to entropy, or a state of chaos, or disorganization.  Energy is needed to prevent entropy.  Acting upon an agenda, a goal, or a dream prevents chaos.analysis-paralysis

Action Today = Happier Tomorrow

I heard a successful business man compare in-action to trash.  What if you didn’t take out the trash and just left all of your trash bags in the garage or basement.  You let them pile up, day after day, week after week. What’s going to happen?  It’s going to stink.  Anyone who visits your home may never want to return.

What if you just took some action, get up off your but, and one by one took each bag out to the curbside for the garbage man to pick up.  Little by little the pile of garbage will disappear. The stench will be gone.  You’ll be living better without a foul odor traveling through the house.  All it took was you deciding you are tired of your house being so trashy.  You had enough and decided to do something about it.

Same for your business.  Go out and find that next customer.

Take action today, your life will change immediately.